In the country of Senegal’s Wolof language, “Jam Ak Jam” means “Peace and Peace.” The essence of peace is what we express in our work.

Jam Ak Jam performs traditional and contemporary African dance music and folklore to audiences of all ages. The company’s founder and artistic director, a Senegalese master dancer and choreographer, creates his vocabularies of movement with echoes from his ancestors, as well as from the sprawling urban centers of modern West Africa. Jam Ak Jam Afro-Dance Theatre embodies Africa’s past, present, and future through music, dance and theater.

“My desire in founding the company is to reach out to the young people of the world through dance and music with only one thing in mind: Peace (Jam).”

– Patrice Nassalang, founder

Jam Ak Jam has officially become a non-profit organization.

Jam Ak Jam July 25 2015

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