Jam Ak Jam at Broadway Theatre Center


SATURDAY, JULY 28TH AT 6PM-COME EXPERIENCE JAM AK JAM’S 2012 HOME SEASON SHOW AT THE BROADWAY THEATRE CENTER IN THE BEAUTIFUL CABOT THEATRE! This year, Jam ak Jam Afro-Dance Theatre presents: “Roots.” Join Jam Ak Jam for a high-energy performance with authentic African music, drum and dance choreographies and solos, as well as small theatrical skits.

This year the music takes new direction with instruments like the kring (a wooden log
percussion instrument), the cora (a harp-like gourd) and the djembe ensemble (many different West African drums).

“Roots” represents going back to the origins of the dances. The first half of the show will demonstrate that modern dances like contemporary jazz, West African soukous (an African soca) and mbalax (a high-energy traditional dance with sense of humor that uses a mix of modern and traditional instruments), or the Japanese butoh dance all have the same roots. The second half represents the dance finding its roots. Choreographer Patrice Nassalang, who is also the group’s founder, is from Senegal and has been working with many talented dancers and musicians from the U.S. and Africa to bring this production to you.

Also performing will be kids from the community classes at Dancework’s Inc., Milwaukee area’s community dance Ambassadors. With their colorful costumes and song and dance, this group of children will bring joy to the audience.

“Roots” promises to be one of the most unusual and highly entertaining of all Jam Ak Jam Homeseason shows. This will be the group’s seventh home season show. The roots of all movement lie in African dance and the branches that grow and spread all over the world are all connected. Nassalang’s mission is to show the inter-connectedness of all humanity and to bring peace (Jam) and unity through movement.

Jam Ak Jam has officially become a non-profit organization.

“Roots” is at 6PM on Saturday, July 28th in the Cabot Theatre at the Broadway Theater Center, 158 N Broadway, Milwaukee 53202. Entrance is $20, $15 for seniors and students, $10 for kids under 12, and kids 5 and under FREE. For ticket info. Call (414) 899-1733 or email Jamakjam [at] hotmail [dot] com.

This only happens once a year, so you don’t want to miss this one!

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