Company Bio & History

Jam Ak Jam Afro-Dance Theatre was founded in 2006 by Senegalese master dancer Patrice Nassalang. Since then, Jam Ak Jam has been performing and educating people about traditional and contemporary African movement, dance, and music from the African diaspora.

Individual Bios

Patrice Nassalang (founder/ artistic director)

Patrice is a native of the region of Casamance (Senegal, West Africa), where he began dancing at a young age. Having lived in many parts of Senegal (Casamance, Velingara, Tamba-Counda, Saint Louis, and Dakar), Patrice has built a strong repertoire of traditional West African dances.

Patrice first received recognition for his work in African dance by being the first choreographer of the Troupe Regional Of Ndar (Saint Louis Du Senegal) chosen to represent at the Senegalese National Dance Competition “Oscar Des Vacances.”
Patrice has also been recognized for his work in theater and film. He received a Certificate in Theatre from “The Festival Inter-Scolair De Theatre Du Senegal.” Patrice also had a role as a main character (Clo-Clo) in the African movie “Les Enfants De Popenguine,” by well-known international African filmmaker- Moussa Sene Absa in 1993. In 1995 he also played smaller roles in two other African movies -“Les Caprice D’Un Fleuve,” and “Tableau Feraille.”

Since moving to the USA, Patrice has taught dance and choreography with some of the most influential African dance companies in the world, including Ko-Thi Dance Inc., African American Dance Ensemble of North Carolina, Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago and the University of Greensboro, NC.

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